RECTA. Guitar tube preamp 3chnls with remote switchung. Price 390€

RECTA- thisi is tube guitar preamp with remote switching inspirated by RECTIFIER price: 390€

UADJET. 100W hybrid guitar head. price 850€

UADJET – this is hybrid guitar head insirated by Marshall 8080

JCM5W. Tube 3 channel guitar (JTM45, JCM800 based). Price 495€

JCM5W – this is tube guitar 3-channel amplifiear JTM45 and JCM800 based schematics for pro and home usage.

POWER TWELVE. Tube guitar power amp. Price 695€

POWER TWELVE – tube guitar power amp with american / english remote switching + IR speakersim. for hpones playing.

DUAL TWENTY. Tube stereo power amplifier. Price 800€

DUAL TWENTY – this is guitar stereo power amplifier for pro and home usage.

THE TIME ATTACK. Tube guitar preamp. price: 215€

THE TIME ATTACK – thisi 3channel tube guitar preamp based on Slash Marshall mod for pro and home usage.

AMP CHASSIS (for a customer wooden shell)

TRIPLE POWER – this is guitar tube 3-channel power amp for use with modern processors.

DIESEL. Tube guitar preamp with reverb and delay.

Diesel – this is tube guitar preamp with reverb and delay for home and pro usage.


This device made for guitar tone correction. Insert it into FX LOOP or between preamp and power amp (or line). For PRO usage.

RECTO HEAD 25/5 price 880€

RECTO HEAD 25/5 – this is tube guitar head for pro and home usage. RECTOVERB inspired.