40/5W POWER AMP. 480€

40/5W POWER AMP – this is tube guitar power amplifier with 40 and 5 Watts power modes.

SALIHMAN. Tube guitar 3-chanel preamp. 180EU

(Русский) SALIHMAN. Ламповый гитарный 3-х канальный преамп для сценического и домашнего использования.

LINE POWER AMP 5/0.5W. Guitar tube power amp with line out. 195EU

LINE POWER AMP 5/0.5W – this is guitar tube power amp for home and studio.

MIGHTY SCORPIO RACK HEAD midi. 64 switching sound combinations. 1100EU

MIGHTY SCORPIO RACK HEAD – this is rack tube guitar head with 4 preamp channels + 4combonations of every preqmp chanels + 4 power amps types. For high quality home playing.


PETITE RED HEAD 5/0.5W HW – this is tube guitar head with rever and delay for vintage lovers


POWER STATION 5/0.5W – this is handcrafted tube guitar power amplifier

15W tube guitar head. 395EU

There are 3 channels: clean, crunch and high gain. 15w per 4/8/16Ohm

DE LUXE HYPER+ MIDI 2 guitar tube preamp with MIDI interface. 490EU

HYPER+ MIDI DE2 LUXE this is 3-channel tube guitar preamp with internal screamer, booster and MIDI switching.

DUAL TUBES 5-20-50W HW. Tube stereo guitar power amplifier. l’élite. 1380€

DUAL TUBES 5-20-50W HW – this is tube stereo guitar power amplifier with american/english voicing switching.

Multy effect. 295EU

This multy effect guitar pedal consist of delay, phaser and corus effects.