NANO POWER AMP 1/0.2W . Tube power amp 1/0.2W. price 250€

NANO POWER AMP 1/0.2W – this is tube power amplifier w/speaker simulator and controlled drive feature for home and studio usage .
Main feature of the amp – is controlled by VOLUME knob ampilifier drive /distortion. If you like to find your new sound by experementing with small drive/distortion to add some extra harmonics to your guitar sound -this amp is for you!.
1W & 0.2W modes have different supply voltage and bias, so you get 2 sound modes from one device.
Use 1W to get less drive / harmonics and 0.2W to get extreme.
Switch: 1W/0.2W
Speaker 8 & 16 Ohm, LINE OUT, REC OUT (passive speaker simulator)
Tubes: ECC83/12AX7, ECC88/6N23P
Mains voltage: 100 / 120 /220 VAC (ask for uoyr country – normally 220VAC)


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