POWER REVERB 20-5-1. HW. Guitar tube power amp 20/5/1W with reverb. 395EU

POWER REVERB 20-5-1 – this is handwired guitar tube power amplifier with analog spring reverb.
really sweet easy to control tube sound!
Modern mode has big bass and high, vintage has focused middle. Presence works from cut to add high edge. Every power mode 20/5/1 has own character. You may play at the small club and home at the night as well!

Amplifier has 3 output power modes: 20w – class AB, 5w – class A, 1w – class A.

And 2 tonalmodes: modern / vintage.

Mains and stand by switches.

Speaker outputs: 4, 8 and 16 Ohm.

Tubes: 2 X6P6S (Russian NOS) /6V6, 1X12AX7/ECC83.

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