SATURATOR. Spatializer with tube saturation. price 395$

Saturator – this is 3-D spatializer with tube sateration for giving “fat”, “wormth” and “space” for recordings and mastering .

Knobs:  Stereo, Range. Control level and frequency range of spatializer. Turn fully clockwise  Stereo to get wide stereo image, and turn completelly counter clockwise to get stereo image of input signal.

Fully counter clockwise Range knob gives you maximal freequency range of 3-D Spatial effect . Turn it complettely clockwise to process only highest frequency and you get “more air” in the sound.

Turn Saturation  knob to change tube mode and find desired saturation level.

Bypass switch complettely remove Saturator out of signal path (cold bypass) for compare direct and processed sound.

Give more space, wormth and satutation to your recordings with Saturator.

Tubes:  EF86/6J32P – 2pcs.
Thanx to Alexander Bukin for recording!