Tube clean channel + screamer +1 band extra eq + cold bypass

VINTAGE BLUES. Ламповый мульти эффект/ Цена 22000руб

VINTAGE BLUES this is tube overdrive + delay +boost multi-effect for old good music

LINE POWER 5/0.5W. Оконечный ламповый усилитель 2020 ver. Цена 22000руб

Line power 5/0.5W – is a guitar tube power amplifier for recording and playing.

TUBE POWER 20/5W. Цена 45000руб

TUBE POWER 20/5W – is a tube guitar power amplifier for pro and home usage.

PHANTOM-20 De Luxe. Цена 38000рубPHANTOM-20 De Luxe. Price 460€

PHANTOM-20 De Luxe – is guitar tube power amp with reactive load for studio and home usage.

SUPER CLEAN STEREO 25W+25W. Ламповый гитарная голова. Цена 55000руб

SUPER CLEAN STEREO – this is stereo tube guitar head for fro and home usage.

REC AMP STEREO. Цена:26000руб

REC AMP STEREO – is a full tube power amplifier for stereo recording and playing.