SOLD!!! (used in show room) TUBE EQUALIZER PEITHO DE LUXE (saturation & distortion). Price 150$

This mono device is specially designed to give your instruments and voice nice TRUE tube saturation and distortion to enhance them in the mix.

SOLD!!!! show room used in good condition.VALVE ENGINE DeLuxe. Guitar tube power amplifier w/ REACTIVE LOAD. Price 144$.

Knobs: VOLUME, DEPTH, PRESENCE. Switches: for 12AX7 tube: BOLD & FAT. for EL84 & 6V6: TRIODE/PENTODE(TETRODE) & EL84 SE / EL84+6V6 PP / 6V6 SE. for speaker simulator: A/B/C (mic posicions) for amp load: SPEAKER / DUMMY (reactive load) Speaker sim jack connection: TIP – SPEAKERSIM out, RING – DIRECT out, SLEEVE – ground. speaker […]

DIESEL DE LUXE tube preamp with REVERB and DELAY. SOLD!!!! price 150€ ПРОДАНО!!!

Tube floor preamp for pro and home usage. Very transparent grain and fine FXs on board.