Multy effect. 295EU

This multy effect guitar pedal consist of delay, phaser and corus effects.

DEAD ZONE. Guitar tube floor preamp. 185EU

DEAD ZONE this is 3-channel guitar tube floor preamp with boost and gate for modern music styles.


Gives to guitar with big bass and less treble the right tone.

Guitar multyeffect (delay, reverb, drive, boost). 295EU

Guitar multy effect has allways turn-on reverb and switchable deleay, FET drive and boost effects.

REVERB MICRO POWER AMP 2/0.2W HW. Home power amp with reverb. 295EU

REVERB MICRO POWER AMP 2/0.2W HW – this is tube guitar power amplifier for home playing and recording.


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DUAL TUBES 20W HW. Guitar power amp with remote switching output tubes 6V6 / EL84. 695€

DUAL TUBES 20W HW – this is guitar power amplifier with remote switching output tubes 6V6 / EL84.

HYPER+ MIDI DE LUXE guitar tube preamp with MIDI interface. 495EU

HYPER+ MIDI DE LUXE this is 3-channel tube guitar preamp with internal screamer, booster and MIDI switching.

BASTA. Guitar tube power amp 5/0.5W. You must have it, BASTA! 345EU

This guitar tube power amplifier for high end home playing and recording..

POWER REVERB 20-5-1. HW. Guitar tube power amp 20/5/1W with reverb. 395EU

POWER REVERB 20-5-1 – this is handwired guitar tube power amplifier with analog spring reverb.
really sweet easy to control tube sound!