TURBO DIESEL. Ламповый гитарный преамп. Цена 32000руб.

TURBO DIESEL – this is 3-channel tube guitar preamp for professional usage.

HYPER MIDI DE LUXE. Tube guitar midi controlled preamp. Price 630€

HYPER MIDI DE LUXE. this is tube midi controlled preamp for pro and home usage.

BLACK EYE. Tube guitar power amp vintage/modern 5/1w. Price 395€

BLACK EYE- this is tube guitar power amp with vintage/modern modes for home and pro usage .


Preamp for magnetic and piezo acoustic guitar pickups.

JAZZ FIVE. Guitar tube power amplifier. 15W. price 400$

JAZZ FIVE – This is guitar power amplifier for pro and home usage.

RECTA. Guitar tube preamp 3chnls with remote switchung. Price 390€

RECTA- thisi is tube guitar preamp with remote switching inspirated by RECTIFIER price: 390€

UADJET. 100W hybrid guitar head. price 850€

UADJET – this is hybrid guitar head insirated by Marshall 8080

JCM5W. Tube 3 channel guitar (JTM45, JCM800 based). Price 495€

JCM5W – this is tube guitar 3-channel amplifiear JTM45 and JCM800 based schematics for pro and home usage.

POWER TWELVE. Tube guitar power amp. Price 695€

POWER TWELVE – tube guitar power amp with american / english remote switching + IR speakersim. for hpones playing.

DUAL TWENTY. Tube stereo power amplifier. Price 800€

DUAL TWENTY – this is guitar stereo power amplifier for pro and home usage.