CALIFORNIA DREAM II . Guitar tube preamp. price 195€

CALIFORNIA DREAM II – this is tube guitar preamp for pro and home usage. (insperated by Mesa / Soldano)

BLACKBIRD. Guitar tube preamp. Price 520€

BLACKBIRD -thisis guitar tube preamp based on MESA MARK IIc+ schematics for professional and home usage.

BLACK HUNDRED. 100W tube guitar amplifier. Price 650€

BLACK HUNDRED – this is 100w guitar tube 2-channel amplifier for pro usage.

BLACK EYE STUDIO HEAD. Tube guitar head for pro usage. Price 1000€

BLACK EYE STUDIO HEAD – this is guitar tube head with IR speakersim, internal effects for pro usage. Friedmann BE-100 insperated.

ROCKER POWER 2X20W. Guitar tube stereo power amp. Point-to-point. Price 545€

ROCKER POWER 2X20W. – this is guitar tube stereo power amp for prefessional and home usage. Point-to-point.20 w per channel

SACRAL POWER AMP 50W. Guitar tube power amp w/ vacuum and solid sate rectifiers. Price595€

SACRAL POWER 50w worldwide mains voltage amp eith vacuum and solid satte rectifiers.

KAMASUTRA.Guitar tube preamp for playing with phones & playback. Price 480€

KAMASUTRA. – this is tube preamp for playing through phones with playback+ stereo reverb + speakersimulator.

(Русский) IMANDRA Ламповый напольный преамп для тяжелых стилей. Цена 15000руб

Guitar tube preamp IMANDRA – its a higher gain version of JCM800 ( Slash G’n’R) mod#34

BLACK EYE PREAMP. Friedman BE-100 insperated. Price 350EUR

BLACK EYE PREAMP – this is tube guitar preamp with remote control for power amp inspirated by Friedman BE-100.

CALIFORNIA DREAM remote control preamp. 285€

CALIFORNIA DREAM – this is tube guitar preamp with remote control lfeature for pro and home usage.