748 model studio microphone preamp. Цена 24000руб.

One mic preamp to up-grade your computer soundcard ut tp pro level.

STUDIO MASTER. Mastering device. Price 1200$

Fantastic transparent bold and wide touchy sound. All you need for finishing your mixes.

TUBE EQUALIZER PEITHO DE LUXE (saturation & distortion). Price 850$

This mono device is specially designed to give your instruments and voice nice TRUE tube saturation and distortion to enhance them in the mix.


2 mic XLR inputs, 2 GAIN controls, 2 line outputs TRS or XLR. Low noise, transparent sound. Power supply 5VDC positive centre.


This device is for stereo image control. It makes mix fatter and wider.

A456 TAPE MACHINE emulator. Price 490$

Studio tape machine analog amulator.

micro SATURTUBE. Recording preamp. price 430€

Micro SATURTUBE – it is tube powered recording preamp for microphone and instruments.

SATURTUBE. 8ch drum recording/live preamplifier. PRICE 990€

Saturtube – this is tube 8 channel preamplifier for drums recording/live performance.

FEMIDA De Luxe. price 980$

FEMIDA De Luxe – this is mastering station for pro and home studios.

VOICEPRESSOR. Tube preamp with compressor. price 345€

VOICEPRESSOR – this is tube preamp with compressor for microphone and instrument playing / recording.