SATCH STATION. Studio tube saturator pentode + triode. price 680$ STATION – this is studio tube stereo saturator pentode and triode in one device. Stereo -image correction, bass, air and distortion control.
Pentode and triode channel has own BYPASS switch, GAIN и VOLUME for tube circuits.
Pentode channel mostly used for MIX , but also could be used for one track.
Stereo-field controls: RANGE and STEREO – are working together.
BASS & AIR controls control low and high end frequency . AIR FREQUENCY switch for different high frequency range.
WET controls amount of tube-passed signal. 0 – yjtube -passed signal, 10 – full tube-passed signal.
The same controls on the TRIODE cahnnel: GAIN, VOLUME and WET. TUBE MODE switch- change the caracter of tube distortion.
TUBES: 6J32P / EF86 – 2pcs, 12AX7 / ECC83 – 2pcs.
Device has different power supply modules for feeding triode and pentode parts. This gives better stereo – separation, dinamics and noiseless operation.
* USA 120VAC, 60Hz version,fast building and incl express dellivery 960$

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