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MORPHEUS. wide stereo/tube saturation/compressor. Price 468€

MORPHEUS – is a studio device having on board widering circuit, tube saturator and compressor for studio mixing and mastering.

WIDE: SWITCH Down – Side increases when knob is turned clockwise. Good for use on an auxiliary bus to extend pads, overhead, backing vocals, etc. This mode saves space in the center for lead vocals in the mix. SWITCH up – full mixing mode. Good for expanding the final mix. If you need more expansion for your mix or sub-bus sound, you can record the result and send it back through MORPHEUS to improve the effect you want.

TUBE AUDIO: SWITCH down – clear sound, SWITCH up – higher gain mode. The normal position of the GAIN and VOLUME knobs is about 12 o’clock. When GAIN is fully clockwise – maximum saturation mode. The output level should be compensated by turning the VOLUME control counterclockwise. You can set GAIN to maximum + DIRTY gain switch up (VOLUME as you wish) and get maximum saturation, especially at the highest input level, and turn the MIX knob to mix clean and saturated sound to get the combination you want. The circuit uses a 12AX7/ECC83 double triode.

COMPRESSOR: SWITCH up – ON, down – OFF. switch FINE up – the compressor responds to all frequencies, FINE down – the compressor responds only to low frequencies. SOFT CLIP up – slower attack time, SOFT CLIP down – faster attack time. THRESHOLD – set the desired compression level. Normally set it while the LED blinks.

BUFFER switch up – engage output BUFFER circuit – more aggressive sound and small output impedance. BUFFER switch down – passive output and high output impedance. MIX knob – fully counterclockwise – 100% tube audio to output, fully clockwise – 0% tube audio to ouput. VOLUME sets the outpun level of the device. BYPASS switch up – MORPHEUS output, down – bypass. This switch is a “true cold bypass” type, so you do not need to disconnect the MORPHEUS when you do not use it and signal goes between inputs and outputs directly through the bypass switch.

WARNING: most switches when in up position and knobs turned clockwise increase the output volume, especially the buffer switch. So before turn switches up and turn knob clockwise for the first time set the output volume on lower level by the rightest knob VOLUME and after set the output level as you want in order to avoid a sharp jump in volume.

BUFFER switch up – turn on the buffer output circuit – more aggressive sound and low output impedance. Switch BUFFER down – passive output and high output impedance. MIX control – fully counterclockwise – tube output 100%, fully clockwise – tube output 0%. VOLUME sets the volume level of the device. The BYPASS switch up – the MORPHEUS output, down – bypass. This switch is a “true cold bypass” type, so you don’t have to unplug cables from the MORPHEUS when you’re not using it, and the signal passes between the inputs and outputs directly through the bypass switch.

NOTE: Most switches in the up position and knobs turned clockwise increase the output volume, especially the BUFFER switch. So before you first turn the switches up and turn the knob clockwise until you are comfortable with the device, use the right VOLUME knob to turn down the volume before action, and then adjust the output level as you wish to avoid sudden volume spikes.

VICTOR CUSTOM WORKSHOP devices are used in studios in London and New York:


New York (check Saturators)

How to win the loudness war

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