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Master class on "How to win a loudness war"

Master class on "How to win a loudness war"


What is the essence - there will be nothing new in this matter, During a half an hour or an hour I will give out all the information that I have for 40 years of designing studio equipment and recording and it is EVERYTHING you should know how to make ANY mix the most dynamical!


My master class gives a FULL understanding of the physical and psychoacoustic essence of how to make a super dynamic mix. This is the concentrate of my whole life as a producer

(I released 7 of my albums on apple music and other resources) and as a manufacturer of studio devices.

Just give the go-ahead - I contact you via whatsapp or viber which is most effective and give you valuable knowledge that will NEVER become outdated, because this is simply physics and psychoacoustics.

What will your mix sound like?

If you like the idea, then go ahead!