NADIR. Tube guitar workstation. price 1500$

NADIR – this is top quality studio tube guitar amplifier for recording modern metal with or without cabinet.


BODY switch controls the “body” of the note, makes the sound “round”. TURBO switch engage high gain mode.

GATE switch controls preamp noise gate.

PUSH switch slightly change the internal gain of the certain tubes.

BOOST switch adds extra tube stage into the signal path. GATED switch controls the gate and slightly change the tone of the boost stage, make it bold or flat.

GRAIN switch adds extra tube stage to the tone stack circuites and change the mode of the output preamp stage. This change the sound “thikness”.

SHIFT switch change the curve of the tone stack. 3 different tone variations.



ULTRA switch turn the power amp between vintage and modern mode. TONE switch change the overall tonal balance.


EL84/EL84+6V6/6V6 switch turn between EL84 or 6V6 single-ended (SE) power amp or (in+position) engage pull-push (PP) EL84 & 6V6 power amp mode.

SPEAKER/DUMMY switch activate the speaker jacks or connects the internal REACTIVE LOAD for “silent” recording without speaker and microphone through the PA OUT jack.

HEAD/PREAMP switch turn the power amp ON (preamp always ON)


4/8/16 Ohm speaker jacks. RECORDING PREAMP OUT/SEND jack is used for connecting FXs or taking preamp signal to the recording or another power amp.

PA IN/RETURN jack is used for amplify any other external preamp/processor or to get thepreamp sigbal from the FXs giong from the SEND and through the FXs. PA OUT jack is used to send the signal from the power amp to another power amp or recording.

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