TUBE EQUALIZER PEITHO DE LUXE (saturation & distortion). Price 850$

This mono device is specially designed to give your instruments and voice nice TRUE tube saturation and distortion to enhance them in the mix.

This tube mono parametric EQ has nice saturation and distortion. One 12AX7 tube is used for amplification and distortion. The PULL-PUSH (PP) stage gives the best harmonic balance and dynamic response in distortion mode. Other 12AX7 tubes used on the bands (one triode per band) combined with high voltage FETs to improve EQ performance. So the semiconductors give the clarity and low impedance needed for the band’s schematics and tubes give saturation (non-linearity that improves the sound).

The best choice for making “dirty drums” or process you bass, vocal and other mono instruments.

knobs: GAIN (tube saturation and distortion), LFP(lowest frequency pass through the tube and EQ), bass GAIN, RESONANCE, FREQUENCY, low mid GAIN, RESONANCE, FREQUENCY, high mid GAIN, RESONANCE, FREQUENCY,, treble GAIN, RESONANCE, FREQUENCY, HPF (output highest frequency set), VOLUME.

tubes: 3 x 12AX7


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