STUDIO BLACK. Ламповый студийный преамп с сатурацией, компрессором и эквалайзером.

STUDIO BLACK – this is studio preamз with all good that we know about solid state and tube technology.
Ajustments of compressor: THRESHOLD, ATTACK, RELEASE, RATIO. HARD/SOFT KNEE switch. Stereo function makes working with compressors of both channels easier – it need to be only one (channel A) comperssoor to be ajusted and all settings have effect on both compressors A and B.
5-leds display shows compessor’s amount. This is an OPTO type of compressor.
LINE and MICROPHONE (dinamic and conderser type may be used +48v phantom power may be swithed on).
Polarity switch (phase 180). LOW CUT switch remove unwanted sub-low signals. 3-way EQ may be activated by its own switch. Equelized signal may be compressed if compressor is on. So you can adjust the tone and conpression proportion at the same time.
Tubes: 2 pcs. of EF360 (1 pc. per channel).SATURATION switch allows to choose tube sound color.
Output audio transformer (fr. range 5..30000Hz) is used on both outputs – XLR balanced and trs unballanced with GROUND LIFT function.

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