TWIN BLUES HEAD. 2 независимых усилителя в одном корпусе для 2-х гитаристов. 695EU

TWIN BLUES HEAD is ideal solution for 2 guitarists playing torether at home or small club. 5 Watts of output power may be decrease 5 times by switch. Quality analog reverb gives you perfect feeling of a big hall. Headphones output and uotput tubes off switch help you to play late in the night. Clean channel: bass, middle, treble and volume knobs. Bright switch with 3 position: min bright/bright off/ max bright. Crunch channel: gain, bass, middle, treble, volume and master knobs. (+ reverb level on A channel) Tubes: ECC83/12AX7 – 5pcs., 6V6 – 2 pcs. Footswitch with leds – 2pcs. Hand-wired turret construction (point-to-point method).

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